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Best Rain Poncho for Travel | Top 10

By Jeramie Eginoire

January 28, 2021

I remember it pretty well. My family was smiling, laughing, and walking next to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disney World. It was a beautiful, sunny day--until it wasn't. In a matter of a seconds, the clear, blue sky was replaced by strong winds, dark clouds, and giant raindrops. We know better now that it is a fairly common occurrence in Florida for a quick rainstorm to sweep in, leave you drenched, and then disappear as quickly as it arrived. Be sure each of you have the best rain poncho for your needs at your disposal during your travels to help stay dry in similar situations!  
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Best Rain Poncho Comparison

Your opinion of best rain poncho may differ from someone else's opinion depending on what you're looking for.  With looming quarantines following foreign travel, it may be a good time to start checking out your local hiking trails and State parks. Or maybe there will be some socially-distanced softball games to watch this spring.  Whatever the case may be, a good rain poncho will make your experience more enjoyable. (And while you're searching for items to make your hiking/camping trips a little more manageable, check out some of the best travel soap cases on the market!)

Without further ado, here is a quick comparison and brief rundown of some of the most popular, tried-and-true options available so you can conveniently choose the best rain poncho for your situation with confidence and ease:    

Product Name

Best Use




Family pack for light use or emergency use

Individually packaged; color options; durable for the price

Hiking, camping, general use

Drawstring hood; large enough to cover backpack; large pocket

Hiking, camping, general use

Durable; quick drying; large enough to cover backpack; can be used as sunshade

Hiking, camping, general use

Durable; option for sleeves; large enough to cover backpack; can be used as tarp or sunshade

Hiking, camping, hunting, general use

Designed with US military in mind; can be used as hunting blind or tarp


(price on Amazon)

Hiking, camping, general use

Durable; large enough to cover backpack; thousands of reviews

Hiking, mountaineering, camping

Durable; doubles as rain tarp cover or lightweight shelter

Hiking, camping, general use

Bonded to knit backing to increase durability; snap placket at neck for added protection

Hiking, camping, general use

Lightweight; adjustable hood with cord locks and side snaps

Hiking, camping, general use

1 Piece

 Lingito Rain Ponchos Family Pack

PROS: For a less expensive poncho, this one is pretty good. It is pretty durable and will keep you dry. The bonus is that it comes in packs of four, eight, or twelve (in yellow, blue red, and green) for the cost of some of the individual ponchos out there. This poncho is perfect for families that just want to stay dry and don't need all the bells and whistles of some of the other ones. 

CONS: Although durable, it is not as durable as the more expensive ponchos. It is also not the most breathable.  While it may keep you dry on the outside, in humid conditions, you may be liable to sweat a bit. Additionally, the use for this poncho is probably limited to wearing it and not as a shelter or anything like that. 

OTHER INFORMATION: The adult ponchos come with sleeves but the child ones do not.  Also, the adult ponchos have a hood closure system but the child ones do not.

OVERALL: When you factor in the cost, the relative durability, and the fact that they come in 4-12 packs, this one can easily sit on the list as a best rain poncho for traveling.

*Please note that each package of four comes with two adult ponchos and two child ponchos.

You can learn more about and purchase the Lingito Rain Poncho HERE.

SaphiRose Hooded Rain Poncho/Waterproof Raincoat 

PROS: This poncho is very affordable for the durability and quality you get.  It also comes in probably the largest variety of colors and prints compared to the other ponchos that made the list. Also, it is made of polyester, not plastic, so it is quite a bit more breathable. The large front pocket provides a place to easily access items you'll be using frequently. It has been reported that this a best rain poncho for wearing it while cycling. Finally, the travel bags make them easy and convenient to pack in just about any scenario.   

CONS: Wind is the biggest enemy of this poncho.  Because there are no snaps around the arms, a gust of wind can cause the poncho to open up, letting in cold wind in the process. 

OTHER INFORMATION: Common reports are that sizes run larger than normal. For example, a Large may fit more like an XL.  

OVERALL: With an average rating of 4.6/5.0 stars and an affordable price, this poncho is a solid option.

You can learn more about and purchase the SaphiRose Hooded Rain Poncho HERE.

Terra Hiker Waterproof Rain Poncho

PROS: The Terra Hiker Waterproof Rain Poncho is known to be very high quality--especially for the lower price. It is very durable and will keep you dry, but is more breathable than a plastic poncho. It is also large enough to fit over a backpack.  Eyelets increase the versatility of this poncho and it also has a hood with and adjustable drawstring. 

CONS: Not the best choice for a windbreaker. It'll keep you dry, but does not do much against wind. 

OTHER INFORMATION: The Terra Hiker Waterproof Rain Poncho is made from high density polyester fabric. It also comes in three colors (blue, black, and army green). 

OVERALL: You can't really go wrong with this choice. It is inexpensive and dependable. 

Check out the Terra Hiker Waterproof Rain Poncho HERE.

REDCAMP Waterproof Rain Poncho with Hood and Arms

PROS: One of the strengths of the REDCAMP Waterproof Rain Poncho is that it can easily be used as a tarp or makeshift tent.  The long sleeves are also a popular feature. This poncho is roomy and provides plenty of room for a backpack. It is also made of a durable polyester. 

CONS: Some report that this poncho is pretty loud when hiking or doing any sort of physical activity. This is also one of the longer ponchos on the list, so depending on what you're looking for, it could be a strength or weakness.  

OTHER INFORMATION: The REDCAMP Waterproof Rain Poncho is made of waterproof polyester and the company also offers a 100% moneyback guarantee. 

OVERALL: Another solid choice. Multiuse and affordable.

Check out the REDCAMP Waterproof Rain Poncho HERE.

 Auscamotek Camouflage Rain Poncho

PROS: The Auscamotek Camouflage Rain Poncho is the right mix of lightweight and durable. It also has a string inside the poncho that you can use to tie around your waist in order to keep the wind from impacting the fit.  The hood is wide enough for a ballcap. Several camo pattern options are available.

CONS: As with the REDCAMP poncho, this poncho can be pretty loud during activity. 

OTHER INFORMATION: Although it is listed as a camouflage poncho, it also comes in a solid black or green.  It is constructed of ripstop nylon.   

OVERALL: Another 4.6/5.0 rated poncho. For the price, that is a large percentage of satisfied customers. 

Check out the Auscamotek Camouflage Rain Poncho HERE.

 Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho

PROS: The Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho has quite the track record as a one of the best rain ponchos out there. With a 4.5/5.0 star rating from over 8k reviewers, it is one of the most tried-and-true options.  It can be used for activities such as hiking and cycling and includes cord adjusters and fasteners to protect your face and sides.  It is also large enough for a backpack or a thicker coat for something like outdoor sporting events.  

CONS: One common complaint is the visor piece that comes in the hood. There are many cases when this piece is bent or crumpled up during storage and is nearly impossible to straighten it out. 

OTHER INFORMATION: The Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho is constructed of rip resistant nylon and comes in black, gray, and military green.

OVERALL: 4.5 star reviews from 8k people is a pretty sizeable sample of what you're getting with this one. 

Check out the Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho HERE.

 Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Tarp Poncho

PROS: The strengths of the Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Tarp Poncho include durability and multi-use potential. This poncho can convert into a functional two-person shelter. It is durable, and with its longer tail, can accommodate a backpack while still keeping the back of your legs dry. Sea to Summit is also a name known for quality. 

CONS: This is the most expensive poncho on the list. Even though it is one of the best rain ponchos, the price makes it a difficult purchase compared to similar ponchos at a lower price. That said, sometimes you do get what you pay for.

OTHER INFORMATION: This Sea to Summit offering is constructed of durable sil-nylon and comes in lime or pacific blue.

OVERALL: The price is the primary detractor for this poncho, but the quality, style, and functionality may be worth the heftier price if you're able to swing it.

Check out the Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Tarp Poncho HERE.

 Charles River Apparel Pacific Rain Poncho

PROS: The Charles River Apparel Pacific Rain Poncho is a thick poncho made with polyurethane and feels more "rubber-like". It is also fairly roomy and can accommodate a backpack with no problem. 

CONS: The thickness in material that some people may like and count as a pro, may also be a con to others. Due to the thicker material, the poncho does not pack down as nicely or compact. If you're looking for lightweight and portability, there may be better options for you.

OTHER INFORMATION: This poncho comes in several colors and is a little more "stylish" than the other ponchos on the list. 

OVERALL: Again, what one person may look for in a poncho may be different from someone else. This is a good one if you're looking for a thicker, more stylish option.

Check out the Charles River Apparel Pacific Rain Poncho HERE.

 FROGG TOGGS Ultra-Lite2 Waterproof Rain Poncho

PROS: The Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite2 Waterproof Rain Poncho is one of the best reviewed, most reviewed, and most affordable ponchos out there.  It is wind-resistant and breathable as well as durable. For the price, it is really tough to beat this poncho and the Frogg Toggs name. 

CONS: Some report that this poncho fits bigger than they would prefer. Others also complain that the snaps aren't the most durable. 

OTHER INFORMATION:  This poncho is available in blue, dark green, black, and khaki. The material is 100% polypropylene. 

OVERALL: As mentioned, for the price, this poncho is a wise choice. It is tough to beat the combination of affordability and functionality. The durability is there, but if you do end up punching a hole in it, you didn't break the bank purchasing it like a couple of the other options on the list. 

Check out the Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite2 Waterproof Rain Poncho HERE.

 GLORYFIRE Poncho Technical Soft-Shell

PROS: The GLORYFIRE Poncho Technical Soft-Shell is one of the most praised rain ponchos there is. It is very durable, breathable, and is military grade. With a long rope, this poncho can be converted to a small tent in under a minute. 

CONS: The primary con for this poncho is the price. It is one of the more expensive ponchos on the list, but if you're looking for a poncho as an investment versus something you won't use very often, the price may be worth it to you.

OTHER INFORMATION:  This GLORYFIRE poncho is constructed with softshell fanbric--or in other words, a polyester/spandex blend. Another cool feature is the area on the front where you can display an I.D. or patches. 

OVERALL: As with many other things, sometimes you get what you pay for. This poncho is right at the mid-level range as far as price goes but comes with high-level price performance.

Check out the GLORYFIRE Poncho Technical Soft-Shell HERE.

Rain Poncho Frequently Asked Questions

Best Rain Poncho FAQ Pic

Who makes the best rain poncho?

This is a very subjective question and the answer will depend on what it is you're looking for in a poncho. Are you wanting a solid, investment-worthy poncho that you'll want for several uses? If so, the Sea to Summit Ultra-SIL Nano Tarp Poncho or the GLORYFIRE Poncho Technical Soft-Shell would be right up your alley.  

More in the market for a budget poncho without sacrificing quality?  Try out the FROGG TOGGS Ultra-Lite2. Or maybe you want some functional ponchos for the whole family and you don't want to spend a fortune. In that case, the Lingito Rain Poncho family pack would fit the bill. 

So, as you can see, there is no simple answer to the question of "who makes the best rain poncho?"

Which is better poncho or raincoat?

Again, a difficult question to answer since it is such a subjective scenario. A raincoat or rain jacket may be more suitable for longer trips where you may need regular protection from the elements; however, a poncho would be a great choice for carrying an item you may only need occasionally.

For example, a raincoat cannot be stored very easily, so you'll most likely be wearing it for the majority of the time. A poncho can be stored quite easily and retrieved when you need it. A poncho can also be utilized as a tarp, a blanket, or even a tent.  It'd be pretty difficult to turn a raincoat into a tent. 

Do rain ponchos work?

Rain ponchos work great at keeping you dry in an emergency. That said, there are some rain ponchos of poor quality out there. That is one reason this comparison can be useful to you. All 10 of the ponchos listed here have rating of 4.5 or higher out of 5.0 stars. They have been tested and have been found to satisfy most people's expectations of a functional and good rain poncho.  

What material are rain ponchos made of?

Rain ponchos are made from a variety of products or blends, including: polyester; sil-poly; nylon; and different forms of plastic. 

Are ponchos waterproof?

Although some rain ponchos may be listed at "waterproof", I would categorize them more along the lines of "water resistant". While the material itself may not allow water to permeate through, the poncho by design has many areas that water may enter.  Waterproof would be more along the lines of a raincoat, or even a rain suit.  Again--it all depends on your own needs for a particular purpose. 

Conclusion to Best Rain Poncho for Traveling & Hiking

Bottom line is this: your opinion of the best rain poncho will be determined by what your needs are.  If you are heading to Disney World for the day with a large family, a family pack of inexpensive ponchos would serve you well.

If you are planning on a through-hike of the Appalachian Trail, something like the GLORYFIRE poncho would probably be a much better choice over the Lingito family pack. Hopefully this list provided you with plenty of the top options for best rain poncho depending on your individual needs. 

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