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Best Travel Soap Case | Protect the Soap that Protects You

By Jeramie Eginoire

January 5, 2021

Outfits for everyday and every situation? Check. Toothbrush? Check. Bathing suits? Check. PJs? Check.  Extra underwear? Check. Your best travel soap case? Not Check!  

A good travel soap case is an invaluable, but often overlooked, travel tool--particularly during these pandemic-ridden times in which we currently live. From the airport to the boat to the tent to everywhere in between, soap is a necessity, and the last thing you want is to open up your backpack at your basecamp to find your liquid soap has spilled all over. Would your clothes and gear smell good? Absolutely! Is this an ideal way to give your belongings such a pleasant fragrance? Nope! Additionally, TSA regulations only allow for a small amount of liquids to be taken past screening. Dumping your soap out at security is not an ideal situation either. Transporting your bar soap in one of the best travel soap cases is the perfect solution and will provide you with a way to keep clean and germ-free--without accidently cleaning your GoPro or socks at the same time.  
Use one of the best travel soap cases instead!

Carry your bar soap in a travel soap case instead!

Best Travel Soap Case Comparison

Here is a quick comparison and brief rundown of some of the most popular, tried-and-true models available so you can conveniently choose the best travel soap case for your situation with confidence and ease:    

Product Name





3.94 x 0.79 x 5.91 inches

Looks cool; allows the soap to dry through while remaining waterproof.

5.1 x 3.6 x 1.6 inches

Durable and leak-proof; 30-day guarantee.


Travel Soap Case with TSA Approved Refillable Containers

7.3 x 6.1 x 2.3 inches

Additional containers included; convenient size.

4.72 x 2.76 x 1.57 inches

1 Piece

4.65 x 3.27 x 1.77 inches

1 Piece

4.9 x 3.2 x 2.1 inches

1 Piece

4.75 x 4 x 2 inches

1 Piece

Not once in life did I think a travel soap case existed that would actually make someone feel cooler and more adventurous. Enter the Matador FlatPak Soap Bar Case.  Not only does it look cool, the FlatPak's Dry-Through technology allows the soap to dry through the material--while remaining waterproof. 

Matador is a respected name in the realm of travel gear and they have not disappointed with the FlatPak.  It is a bit smaller than other cases, so you may need a smaller bar of soap or cut a bar in half--but this will also save a little of that valuable space in your luggage.  The biggest detractor is that it is fairly pricey for a soap case--but sometimes, if you want the best travel soap case, you need to pay for it.

You can check out more pictures and reviews here, but because of the awesome ability to dry the soap while remaining waterproof, the FlatPak Soap Bar Case is a great choice for keeping your soap safe and secure while looking cool at the same time.  This is probably the soap case Indiana Jones would have packed in his satchel.         

Next up is the Portineer Carry-Dri Travel Soap Case.  While not as flashy as the FlatPak, the Carry-Dri Travel Case provides a larger container with the ability to drain. 

Two pros of this item are its durability and its leak-preventing silicone ring seal.  The draining feature helps prevent your bar soap from becoming a pile of mush (you know the one I'm talking about).  One con is the tendency for soap to accumulate in the case as it drains.  But its just soap, right??  The easy solution is to rinse the case out after a few uses.  Finally, Portineer offers a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee, so purchase it here prior to your big trip, give it a spin, and if it isn't what you are looking for, take advantage of that guarantee. 

This Mabrasse case has the added feature of refillable, TSA carry-on approved shampoo and conditioner containers.  As a bald guy, this doesn't do much for me, but for you and your luxurious locks, they might be a game changer.  Additional good news is that the price is lower than the first two cases we've looked at WITH the additional containers.  

The containers are known to be very successful at preventing leaks and are conveniently sized; however, they aren't the most durable.  These containers are ideal for a suitcase or hard carry-on, but maybe not so much in your backpack while on a week long boundary waters canoe trip.  Strengths and weaknesses for everything depending on the situation, right?  In other words, Indiana Jones probably wouldn't have packed this for a trip to find the Lost Ark, but I bet he would have when he was traveling to lecture at a university.  

You can see more details, reviews, and purchase the Mabrasse case here

One nice feature of the Heallily Travel Soap Box is that Amazon offers it in a two-pack that is about the same price of the other travel soap cases mentioned.  Twofers are always a welcome perk--especially if you have a spouse, kids, or other travel partners.

This travel soap case is pretty durable and sized to fit most bars of soap.  Just a word to the wise: while it does seem to do a great job of keeping water out, it has been reported to leak some water from time to time--in other words, "waterproof" might not always mean "leak proof", so keep that in mind when considering your needs from the product.  

The Heallily Travel Soap Box can be further researched here.        

Like the Heallily product, the SnowKingdom Travel Soap Case is available in a two-pack at a reasonable price.  Additionally, this particular verson of this soap case has improved upon the original by including a silicone band and "soap saver" mat, bolstering its leak-proof claim. 

As of now, it appears that the upgrades to SnowKingdom case have solved the common complaint of leaking found with the original version.  If that is the case, for the two-for-one price, this can easily be considered one of the best travel soap case options available and it can be purchased here.   

Yet another two-pack option for your soap-holding endeavors.  The Vonpri closes tightly and also come with a couple soap saver bags.  The soap saver bags can be used to hold smaller or broken pieces of soap so they don't go to waste.  

The Vonpri case is also one of the most economical options out there; that said, the manufacturer is quick to mention that it is not completely waterproof and it is recommended that the bar soap is aired out before placing it in the case.  Keep that in mind when considering your needs.  Otherwise, you can find the Vonpri case here.     

Finally, we have the Kiasona Travel Soap Box. Like the SnowKingdom case, it comes with a silicone band to keep the case from leaking.  It also comes with a soap mat. The soap mat is a sponge that sits inside the case and absorbs excess water, preventing your bar of soap from becoming that mushy mess we talked about earlier.  Many users report that the soap mat is the real deal and will save you a lot of hassle. 

A common complaint about this case is that the silicone ring can be difficult to slide on and off--but if it ensures a 100% leak-proof experience, it may be just what you need.  The Kiasona case is one of the most simple in design but also one of the most effective--especially at the price.  You can learn more about the Kiasona case here.       


Bottom line is this: your opinion of the best travel soap case will be determined by what your needs are.  If you are Indy, swinging across spike-filled pits with your whip, you'll want something like the Matador FlatPak or the Kiasona Travel Soap Box.  If you are Indy, traveling to a nice, laid back, pit-free college for a lecture, you'd probably be better off with something like the Mabrasse Travel Soap Case with the TSA-approved shampoo and conditioner bottles.  Either way, all of the options above are rated at a 4.5/5.0 or above per their users, so it is hard to go wrong if you choose your travel soap case with your individual needs in mind.

***Packing your soap can also help save valuable funds that you can apply to other things like scuba diving or bungee jumping. For more tips on how to afford to travel, click here!***

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