About the Author


Hello! My name is Jeramie Eginoire. I am a career firefighter/paramedic–but I also like to think of myself as full-time traveler. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to travel quite frequently with my family and we have been to many places around the world. Along the way, we’ve made mistakes, learned some hard lessons, and spent a little more money than we probably should have! That said, we’ve seen some extraordinarily beautiful sights, have learned about other cultures, and have had some pretty unforgettable and unique experiences and adventures. There have been countless times where I’ve thought, “man, this would make a great story someday…” or “if only we would’ve known [insert here] before we did [insert here]”! Ever thought about taking a campervan trip up the coast of Australia? Not sure what to do with the bathroom waste? I got you covered! You know, stuff like that.

So basically, this blog serves as a marriage of my love of traveling, my love of writing, and my love of helping others out. My goal is to tell some good stories while also providing some research- and experience-based advice on where to go, where to eat, what to bring, and what to avoid.

I am reminded every time I respond to an emergency with my crew that life is short and we can’t take a single day for granted–so get out there and see this amazing world! Nothing teaches us about ourselves quite like traveling does–whether its laying on a beach in the Florida Keys, bungee jumping in New Zealand, or dogsled riding in Alaska. I’ll do my best to take you along with us and I can’t wait to hear about your own adventures!

“Die with memories, not with dreams.”

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